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2395IRPLC-6 CD/Cassette/Recorder/Player
The 2395IRPLC-6 Learning center supports phonemic awareness,phonics,comprehension, vocabulary, literacy groups, ELL, ELD and other language learning programs. Its wireless (infrared) audio transmission / reception resists outside interference, while creating the flexibility to move about the classroom. 6 Watts RMS powerful enough for up to 75 people. Built-in electret mic records student progress and won’t get lost. CD player with CD, CD-R, and CD-RW compatibility. Dual infrared transmitters for wireless listening. Phase Lock Loop (PLL) digital AM/FM stereo. Steel grilles protecting recessed speakers. External casing made with rugged ABS plastic for safety and durability in high-use situations. Dual cassette recorder/players also record from the CD player, radio and microphone inputs. Full-function remote (RC-2300) for classroom flexibility. Six Infrared Headphones. 15’ line of sight range for up to twenty students. Noise-reducing earcups made with rugged ABS plastic. Runs on AC/DC power for indoor/outdoor uses. One year warranty for school use - unlike items purchased from consumer electronics stores whose warranties would be voided if used in schools.



Price  $392.00

Eiko ENX Projection Lamp Eiko ENX Projection Lamp
Price  $6.70
Popularity  1982

Eiko FXL Projection Lamp Eiko FXL Projection Lamp
Price  $7.98
Popularity  1123

Eiko DYS Projection Lamp Eiko DYS Projection Lamp
Price  $6.45
Popularity  1187

Califone Headset Model 3068AV Califone Headset Model 3068AV
Price  $10.50
Popularity  1586

Califone Headphone Model CA2 Califone Headphone Model CA2
Price  $5.75
Popularity  1403

Laminating Film 27 Laminating Film 27" x 500 x 1"
Price  $29.50
Popularity  983

Laminating Film 25 Laminating Film 25" x 500 x 1"
Price  $27.50
Popularity  1239

Luggage Tag Pouch 10MIL Luggage Tag Pouch 10MIL
Price  $4.50
Popularity  285